2 responses to “Deploy The Tornado Chat Demo On The Stackato PaaS Sandbox”

  1. jiaxiaolei

    hi, phil:

    I read your words about stackato in python-tornado groups, and according to your gudiance I finished a server in ~/src/stackato-samples/python of my own computer. you can find it in “http://jia-tornado-chat.sandbox.activestate.com/”

    A couple advises may be provided as follows:

    1: when you try to login, the default url is “https://api.stackato.local”, so :

    $ stackato login
    Attempting login to [https://api.stackato.local]
    Email: jiaxiaolei19871112@gmail.com
    Password: ****************
    Cannot access target (couldn’t open socket: host is unreachable (Name or service not known)

    In my view, some description like below should be appeared in your blog, do you think so ? :D

    $ stackato target https://api.sandbox.activestate.com
    Successfully targeted to [https://api.sandbox.activestate.com]

    2:Use the tornado-chat-mongo, I push my app in ActiveState. You can see in the url http://jia-tornado-chat.sandbox.activestate.com/
    okay, compared with your blog, it’s ugly!
    so, can you tell me what did you do about the blog we were watching ?
    Any response will be welcome!