9 responses to “Summify’s Technology Examined”

  1. Mircea Paşoi

    Great article, thanks for the review!

  2. Jerry Tian

    Phil, thanks a lot for the great article.
    To the Summify guys, interesting use of Redis. How much data is Redis storing currently? It sounds like a lot data to keep for a in memory data store. Is Redis coping well? How many Redis clusters do you have?

    1. Mircea Paşoi

      Hi Jerry,

      We’re storing about 8-9GB of data in Redis currently and it’s coping well so far. We have 4 Redis instances on the same machine, each with different data sets and with different access patterns (between 10 and 1000 requests/second)

  3. Jesse Heaslip

    Great read Phil! Always interesting to have a peek under the hood of a product like this. Thanks for a thorough post!

  4. XU Qiang

    i find ur blog really helpful, thanks a lot~~~

  5. Alex Toulemonde

    Wow I miss this article. Great one. I knew Cris and Mircea were awesome but not as much :) Thanks for taking the time to break their technology down. Great learning.

    PS: Go Vancouver Startups Go!

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  7. Summify’s Technology Examined « Another Word For It

    May just be me but I would think the semantics of the feeds would rank pretty high. Both in terms of recognition of items of interest in terminology familiar to the user as well as new terminology. For example, what if I say I wants feeds on P2P systems, an information overload reducing application would also give me distributed network entries.

    That’s an easy example but you get the idea. And the system should do that across different interests of users and update its recognition of relevant items to include new terminology as it emerges.

    BTW, you might want to check out the Summify FAQ on how they determine your interests.

  8. Matt Smith

    Super thorough article, thanks! Couldn’t stop laughing at the reference to Tank (http://matrix.wikia.com/wiki/Tank).