8 responses to “The Apache Projects – The Justice League Of Scalability”

  1. Allen Wittenauer

    A slight correction.

    Apache Hadoop came from Apache Lucene. Yahoo! joined the already-in-progress project, adding some much needed know-how around scale. So great are their contributions, that it is a common misconception that Yahoo! started the project.

  2. Hector

    Hi. Facebook only uses cassandra in the inbox feature, so whatever the effect of eventual consistency on cassandra, it would only be noticeable there. Also, they are not moving away from it (as it is still being used). They decided it wasn’t the right fit for the new functionality they were planning.


  3. Karthik Shiraly

    Thanks for a great article. I’m very interested in high scalability technologies, and your article gives a real useful overview.

    Both Apache Solr and ActiveMQ have helped reduce development time on my projects. I’d especially like to highlight the fantastic faceted search feature of Solr – that’s thousands of DB ‘select count’ queries saved there!

    The Apache Hive project also deserves a mention in your list – it adds a query language layer of abstraction over hadoop, that makes writing map reduce jobs for data analytics easier and intuitive.

  4. Otis Gospodnetic

    Actually, I’d say Hadoop came from Apache Nutch, where the HDFS predecessor was first created.