9 responses to “Ruby’s EventMachine – Part 1 : Event-based Programming”

  1. none

    Мery interesting topic.
    I hope that the new posts will appear soon enough….

  2. Phil Pirozhkov

    Thanks for the writing.
    Will be very interesting to hear in next parts:
    – EventMachine 2.0 rewrite
    – why the hell EM uses threads (deferrables)
    – eventmachine-le and why eventmachine doesn’t accept pull requests
    – eventmachine vs libuv comparison

    I think the rest is covered already in Tutorials already (https://github.com/eventmachine/eventmachine/wiki/Tutorials)

  3. Gilbert Beveridge

    I am wondering what benefits could be gained for test automation with event based programming? Running cucumber,rspec,unit tests, selenium tests etc. Would it help with concurrency and timing issues ? i.e. waiting for the application to respond. waiting for a tweet, comment?

  4. Peter Lane

    Hey, relativ guter und klar strukturierter Beitrag über Ruby programming. War für mich neu. Danke! Ciao, Peter Lane.

  5. Kryptyk Physh

    Cool! EventMachine is one of those things I’ve been keeping in the corner of my eye for a while, but found the learning curve a bit steep. Any ski-poles you can lend would be greatly appreciated. :)

  6. Lance Olsen

    The fact that all the gems I use probably have tons of blocking operations makes the idea of trying to implement event-based programming seem kind of like spitting in the wind. Is there really hope?

    1. Phil Pirozhkov

      Which gems exactly?

  7. Jahangir Zinedine

    Thanks, I’d like to see parallel programming paradigms at the start at least just at the topic level.

  8. Ram

    Great read, thanks for posting. Will check out other posts in the series.