4 responses to “54 Hours In The Okanagan Building A Startup”

  1. Angelique Duffield

    Great post Phil.
    Nice to read about it from a participant’s point of view…and a non-local at that!

    It was my first Startup weekend, and I thought it was a really successful, fun, co-operative event.

    I was the one taking pics on Sat & Sun…they will be posted in an album called “Startup Weekend Kelowna 2012″ on my Facebook fan page:

    Bright Spark Media

  2. Cynthia Gunsinger (@gunsinger)

    great summary of the weekend from a participant’s perspective, phil! it was great to have you as a participant. :)

  3. John

    Great summary Phil, and glad you had an amazing time. The Contractually team’s happy to get behind your epic weekend.
    Too many points of congruency made me smile while reading this… I grew up in Penticton, so always consider the Okanagan home. Really nice seeing signs of life beyond wine, beaches, and fruit stands!
    As one of the organizers of Start-up Weekend Vancouver (Nov. 2011), it was a no brainer to support the Kelowna team…
    Your Twitter project resonates too… given that I managed to enjoy a little “success” with Mentionmapp.
    Cheers for now