4 responses to “Quickly Launch A Cassandra Cluster On Amazon EC2”

  1. Kevin Rood

    Thanks for the excellent post. I tried setting up the cluster and while it did create three ec2 instances, Cassandra was not started on any of them. The version installed was 6.x as well. Do you have any further details on how to make sure Cassandra starts on each node? Also, I would like to completely control which version of Cassandra gets installed on the nodes. Any thoughts about how to do that? Ideally I would like to control what base version of Linux is used as well.


  2. rashm


    Where do we specify hostname or ipaddress of cluster machine when installing cluster using whirr?

    Can we install hadoop stable version or hadoop-2.0.0-alpha version using whirr

    Should we use whirr for cluster installation at production?


  3. Chandra Shekher Gupta

    Few Question.

    * If i setup Cassandra in EC2 cloud, I will be charged for using the cloud?
    * I tried to register in Amazon cloud , they says it’s free but ask for credit card details, and i am sure they would be charging for bandwidth usages.

    Thanks Chandra