Sclogging – A Different Slant On Blogging

This week I had an idea for a different form of blogging. This stemmed from the fact that we’ve been seeing a great response with opt-in email and responsiveness to email campaigns. Communicating directly with your audience via opt-in email gives you such a closer and detailed view of who your are communicating with than [...]

Welcome To Rogers – The Story Of The Phantom Caller

I recently purchased my first iPhone. Here in Canada, like every other country, there’s only one provider of the iPhone, which is Rogers. I’ve really not enjoyed my experience with Bell and I had heard that Rogers was just the same so it made no difference in switching. When I switched our numbers over the [...]

iPhone 3G – Battery Dies Twice As Fast

I’m finding the battery 3G iPhone is dying very fast. Hopefully the 2.1 iPhone firmware update being released on Friday will do as they say it will and make the battery life better.

"Simplify Media" For The iPhone – Too Simple?

Like most people nowadays my computer’s music collection has grown out of all proportion. I have more music on there than I could ever hope to listen to. Gigabytes on top of gigabytes. Luckily there are plenty of great apps out there like iTunes that can manage this and let me search, rate, sort, structure [...]