9 responses to “Highchart Vs Flot.js – Comparing JavaScript Graphing Engines”

  1. Montreal Web Design

    If you are using Java for HTTP server you might be able to integrate it with rhino http://www.mozilla.org/rhino/ and SVG Rasterizer

  2. Khan

    It’ll be great if you can show an example of highcharts with perl.


  3. tau-lepton

    have you tried wkhtmltopdf? and wkhtmltoimage?

  4. Chris

    Highchart is free o.O


    1. eLobrino

      Yeah it’s free to download and to use.

  5. Jaimin

    Have you tried jqplot – http://www.jqplot.com/?

  6. Alan Chavez

    For automated reports what I do is running PhantomJS (or casperJS) which are headless browsers and then just create the charts.

    Casper is based on PhantomJS, and PhantomJS works on node, that’s something you could use for offline reporting.