Ubuntu is great

Ok, so I just updated to the latest version of Ubuntu – “Feisty Fawn”. Couldn’t notice a whole lot of difference on my work machine, and the effects didn’t work. But on my laptop it seems much much faster and that’s with the wobbly windows and other effects running full whack. The update process wasn’t [...]

Things to look out for when building a large application.

Things to look out for when building a large application. Joshua Schachter, del.icio.us A great list of advice for anyone building a large scale website.

"Ads By Microsoft"

Microsoft to Put More Money Into MSN – New York Times I’m surprised so many large companies are so slow to duplicate Google’s highly successful “Google Ads”. We developed the system for selecting appropriate ads to display on our livedoor.com pages and the biggest repository of Japanese blogs. Where we failed was not developing the [...]

AOL to Add Free Phone to Instant Messaging Feature – New York Times

AOL to Add Free Phone to Instant Messaging Feature – New York Times This is a great idea. Quite an investment for AOL, but is definately a way to catch up with Skype. The main problem I have with AOL Instant Messenger at the moment is how ugly it is. I like the fact it [...]

Share your internet connection and join the free wifi club

Many large companies such Skype, eBay and ICQ have just investing in a new intiative called FON to allow anybody with a home broadband internet connection to install update software on their router (the little internet box, that that allows you to plug in multiple computers to the internet and have wireless internet in your [...]

Lunarpages – Amazing support!

For nearly 3 years now I’ve been using Lunarpages web hosting, and every now and then I have to contact their support. Rarely has it ever been a problem with service. Mostly it’s to install a new Perl module I need to use. But everytime, no matter what day or time it is over in [...]

GP2X Game System (GPX2)

The GP2X Game System (GPX2) looks like a good cheap alternative to the video iPod offered by Apple, especially if you already have a 1Gb SD card lying around like me. It’s got linux on it, plays lots of games emulators, has lots of video codecs, and easy to replace batteries with 2 AA’s if [...]

TWiT – "This Week In Tech" – The most popular podcast?

I’m enjoying listening to these fun hour long discussions from Leo Laporte’s gang on anything tech related. Currently they’re doing it just for the love of it, but with a quarter of a million listeners and a growing fan-base will they sell out and go commercial? They don’t think so. You can subscribe to the [...]


Digg.com is a great tech news feed, that seems to be becoming more popular than the infamous Slashdot.org. I discovered this when listening to TWiT podcast. It’s full of good news stories and great feedback and debate by the users of this service. Can you digg it?

NeoOffice – OpenOffice for MacOSX

If you’re looking for a replacement for Microsoft Office on the Mac then this seems to be the best (if not the only) option. Just loaded it up for the first time on my Mac-Mini and seems to run pretty sweet. Seems even better than the original OpenOffice on Windows, but that could just be [...]

Software Firewall like ZoneAlarm – Are we safe?

Security Now! Transcript of Episode 3 Interesting point made by Leo Laporte that software firewalls, since they run on the same computer as potential spyware and viruses, could be re-written by these malicious programs and hence be rendered useless. A cheap NAT Router seems a good option.

Konfabulator – Cool widgets on your desktop

Konfabulator has lots of interesting things you can use on your desktop, or on a separate screen that fades in and out over your desktop. Weather reports, tv guides, a nice little picture frame with your pictures in. It’spretty much identical MaxOSX’s Dashboard, but this one is cross platform, so runs on Windows or MacOSX. [...]

New Book : Perl Testing: A Developer’s Notebook

Perl Testing: A Developer’s Notebook Just started reading this book. Hopefully it’ll expand my brain.

Engadget – tech news

Engadget – www.engadget.com Great site for new technology news. Also they have a good podcast too. Phil